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Northern Cyprus is the best place to enjoy life and invest profitably

Start fulfilling your dream of owning your own house by the sea right now

Relax by the sea in the atmosphere of your own cozy home whenever you want and how much you want

Find a new home on a sunny island - ensure security and confidence in the future for yourself and your family

Get a stable income from investments in residential and commercial real estate abroad


Natali Nova, founder of the Real Estate Agency "Nova Dom Invest"

Your own property in Northern Cyprus. Absolutely real!

The most attractive conditions for the purchase of real estate - interest-free installments.

Unique payment plan - valid for all new buildings and new residential complexes:


down payment of 30% on your property will guarantee you registration in your name;


another payment of 30% until key hand over;


payment of the remaining 40% within 2 years - possibly covered by rental.

For whom the property in Northern Cyprus will be the best solution?

Are you worried about the situation at home and are you looking for a place that will become a second home for you and your family? Do you want to provide yourself and your loved ones with a comfortable “tomorrow” without shocks and stress?

Do you dream about relaxing by the sea "at home" when and for how long you want, without the tedious search for free rooms in expensive hotels?

Do you want to profitably invest your money in residential or commercial real estate abroad and receive a stable passive income?

Considering options for buying property abroad, do not have the full amount, but are afraid of loans and mortgages?

We have a solution.
Fill out the form by answering a few simple questions, and we will select what may interest you.

Top-5 new projects:


Apartment with panoramic sea views and a private pool.

Area: from 90 m²

Object type: 2+1, 2+1+pool, 2+1 loft+pool

Region: Bogaz

Distance to the sea: 800 m

Completion date: March 2025

Price: from 199,900 £

Top -5 for investment:


Only 300 meters from the sea.
Luxury apartments with 3 years of rental
guarantee, 8% annual.

Area: 45–92 m²

Object type: studio, 1+1, 2+1

Region: Bogaz

Distance to the sea: first line

Completion date: July 2025

Price: from £97,000

Top-5 for life


Experience life in our Mediterranean Exclusive Collection Resort.

Area: 46–80 m²

Object type: studio, 1+1, 2+1

Region: Iskele, Long Beach

Distance to the sea: 800 m

Completion date: July 2026

Price: 82 000 - 157 000 £

Top -5 resale:

Penthouse in the heart of Famagusta with views of the city and the sea - URGENT SALE!

Апартаменты с панорамным видом на море и собственным бассейном

Object type: apartments 3+1;

Area: 130 m²

Year of construction: 2015;

Floor: 5th, there is an elevator;

Location: Famagusta, 50 m from EMU University, 50 m to Madam COCO;

✧ Exchange title;
✧ All taxes paid.

Price: £97,000

Entrust us with your dream of owning home by the sea!

Individual consultation on the acquisition of real estate in Northern Cyprus based on your needs and possibilities.

Full support of the transaction for the purchase of real estate until the registration of the document of ownership and receipt of the keys.

A huge selection of objects for living and investing, including from "closed" bases.

Assistance in obtaining a residence permit and business registration.

Search for the right property until you find exactly what you were looking for.

After-sales service and comprehensive support: organization of relocation, settling, settling in Northern Cyprus.

Observation tour with 100% reimbursement of travel and accommodation expenses after the conclusion of the transaction and the initial payment.

Manage and rent out real estate for you to generate income.


Natali Nova,Founder and owner of the Real Estate Agency
"Nova Dom Invest"

  • 20+ years of personal experience in investing in profitable real estate.

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    More than $3,000,000 invested in the last 3 years.

  • 100+ clients who have purchased a home and settled in Northern Cyprus.

"Buying real estate is hard work. And even more so, the acquisition of real estate abroad. My experience proves otherwise.
I will help you make the right choice and will guide you literally by the hand through all stages of the transaction. Trust me and your process of buying a home will be fast, comfortable, transparent and understandable for you.
If hundreds of my clients have done it, why shouldn't it be possible for you?"

My working principles:

  • I do not offer projects with "pitfalls" to my clients and will never lead me to a dubious developer.

  • I choose properties for clients the same way I would choose them for myself. I always keep in mind how this or that object meets your needs, whether it will be comfortable for you to live in it, relax, whether it is profitable to rent it out.

  • Selling real estate is not everything. After-sale service, support and assistance on a variety of issues - this is what brings the trust of customers and demonstrates the quality of my work.

  • I value my time and the time of my clients. If you have a specific goal to buy a property by the sea, that will be my goal too.

“I can talk about Northern Cyprus endlessly. I will open it for you and help you feel at home here.”

Why Northern Cyprus

Are you looking for real estate abroad? Stop your choice on Northern Cyprus - a real Mediterranean pearl with the cleanest ecology, fascinating landscapes and comfortable conditions for living and doing business.

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Visa free entry

Quality medicine

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Housing at affordable prices, low maintenance tax

Affordable European education

Ownership with only 30% payment


Clean environment and comfortable climate

Residence permit for the whole family when buying a property

Unique natural landscapes and pristine beaches

Low crime rate

Lots of outdoor activities

What to do in North Cyprus:

Heading photo

Get to know the ancient city of Famagusta, its unique historical heritage and architectural monuments that have survived to this day.

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Feel the unity with nature on the deserted and incredibly beautiful Golden Beach on the territory of the national reserve of the Karpaz Peninsula.

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Discover one of the most impressive sights of Northern Cyprus - the ancient Greek city-state of Salamis.

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See with your own eyes how time stood still in Varosha - once the best resort in Cyprus and a place where many world celebrities flocked to rest.

Heading photo

Enjoy the unique cuisine of Northern Cyprus, which combines classic notes of Mediterranean cuisine and a special oriental flavor.

Heading photo

 Wander around Kyrenia with its vivid harbor, the majesty of Kyrenia Castle and the winding streets of the Old City.

Heading photo

Feel the spirit of the Middle Ages in the Castle of St. Hilarion - one of the most majestic castles of the Crusader era, located in a mountain range at an altitude of 732 m above sea level.

The inspection tour is a unique opportunity to see everything with your own eyes!

Do you want to see with your own eyes all the beauty and well-being of Northern Cyprus? Assess the overall level of service and infrastructure development?

Book an introductory tour to choose the right property and fully understand what it's like to live on a wonderful island in the Mediterranean Sea.


Seeing everything with your own eyes, it will be easier for you to make a decision that will change your life for better!

An introductory tour of Northern Cyprus is:

  • Booking air tickets and transfer from Ercan Airport;

  • Accommodation in comfortable apartments or a hotel for 2-4 days;

  • Inspection of real estate objects, their location, infrastructure of the respective areas, taking into account your wishes and goals for purchasing housing.

  • Opportunity to receive individual advice from a lawyer, a representative of the developer, opening a bank account.

  • Reimbursement for your travel and accommodation expenses after paying a deposit and signing a preliminary contract for the purchase of real estate.

We answer frequently asked questions:

  • I'm afraid of the problems associated with the fact that Northern Cyprus is an unrecognized state. Fear of closed borders.

    Until 2004, the situation with Northern Cyprus, indeed, was not yet properly regulated. But after the entry of the Republic of Cyprus into the EU, negotiations are underway on the possible unification of the island in the future.
    The border with South Cyprus has been open since 2003. Cypriots of Southern and Northern Cyprus, as well as tourists, move freely around the island.At the same time, it is the unrecognized status that today forms a significant part of the attractiveness of Northern Cyprus: the absence of a visa regime, the ease of obtaining a residence permit based on real estate ownership, the low cost of real estate, accommodation and utilities.

  • When entering Northern Cyprus, they will put a stamp with which I will have problems in the future.

    There are no legal consequences for person entering, permanently residing or owning property in Northern Cyprus under international law.
    The visa regime of Northern Cyprus is gradually being brought to European standards.
    Staying in Northern Cyprus as a tourist is possible for 1 month with the possibility of extension up to 90 days.

  • Is a deal to buy real estate in an unrecognized state legal?

    The property rights are 100% protected in Northern Cyprus. The final point on this issue was put by the European Court of Human Rights on 01.03.2010.

  • I’m afraid of the underdeveloped infrastructure of Northern Cyprus. How comfortable will it be to live here permanently?

    Indeed, previously the infrastructure of Northern Cyprus was not sufficiently developed for comfortable year-round living. But over the past 10 years, the situation has changed dramatically for the better.Today, well-known world brands and reliable developers who have made a reputation in the global construction market are increasingly “entering” Northern Cyprus.An absolute trend from the developers of Northern Cyprus is the maximum filling of new residential complexes under construction with infrastructure facilities: kindergartens, clubs, bars, restaurants, supermarkets and branded boutiques, clinics, gyms and sports fields. As a result, clients receive the most comfortable stay, reminiscent of staying in an all-inclusive hotel.Outside the residential complexes, active work is also underway. Roads are being built and repaired, walking areas and bike paths are being built, new public transport routes are being introduced.

  • I care about the status of the land on which the property is located. Will my housing be taken away if the rights to the land plot are challenged?

    After the internal conflict on the island in 1974, many Greeks and Greek Cypriots - landowners of Northern Cyprus moved to the southern part of the island. Hence the fear of clients that the former owner can claim their rights to the land.
    It was the situation in 1974 that formed 3 main types of land ownership (title):–Title Pre-74 Turkish - the land or house before the division of the island belonged to a Turkish Cypriot or a foreigner, respectively, there are no claims for this type of property right, it is recognized all over the world.–The Exchange title is a piece of land that belonged to a Greek or Greek Cypriot until 1974, which after the end of the war was exchanged for an equivalent one in the southern part of the island. There are no problems with this type of ownership either.–The TMD title is lands that previously belonged to the Greek Cypriots, but after the end of the conflict, were donated by the Turkish government to refugees and Turkish military personnel. Developers for the most part avoid land with such a status, so the chance that the housing you have chosen will be located on such land is very small.

  • I don't drive a car, so I won't be able to comfortably move around Northern Cyprus.

    First of all, it's never too late to learn. Moreover, taking into account the fact that the entire island of Cyprus has left-hand traffic, you, unlike experienced drivers from the CIS countries, will not have to retrain.Also, there are absolutely no traffic jams in Northern Cyprus, which makes the driving process as comfortable as possible even for beginners.If you don’t plan to drive a car in the near future, then you can easily use a taxi, a service for finding fellow travelers among the Russian-speaking community, drive an electric scooter or a bicycle.Also, there is a bus service between major cities, school buses, and there are services for the delivery of ready-made food and products from supermarkets.

  • Does it make sense to get an education in Northern Cyprus if the result is a diploma issued by an unrecognized state?

    In fact, the education of Northern Cyprus is highly valued. It is based on the worldwide recognized British system, consisting of 4 levels: preschool education, primary and secondary schools, higher education (college, university)
    Higher education institutions in Northern Cyprus are not only local universities, but also branches of many universities from around the world.

    Among the best higher education institutions in Northern Cyprus are the American University in Girne, the Eastern Mediterranean University in Famagusta, the Near East University in Lefkosa, the International University of Cyprus, a branch of the University of the West of Scotland and many others.
    The level and quality of higher education in Northern Cyprus are quite high, while the price is more affordable than in universities and colleges in Europe and the USA.


Olga, Belarus, Minsk

“Natalie was recommended to us by a mutual friend. And we are incredibly happy with that.
Natalie is a true professional and a nice person. She listens to you and tries to find exactly the option that is right for you.
We were looking for an inexpensive housing option and considered a resale.
Natalie picked up several options, went to the objects and showed us the apartments online. She honestly talked about all the advantages and disadvantages, helped to make a deliberate decision and gave us time to think when needed.
As a result, we found the very “our” apartment in which we are very comfortable.”

Irina, Kazakhstan, Almaty

“I turned to Natalie to help me rent out the studio. She showed up as a responsible, reliable, efficient and benevolent person. Even in an unforeseen situation, she quickly finds solutions to issues. I will definitely contact her - she’s a competent person in many matters!”

Alina, Ukraine, Odessa

“I got into the agency and directly to the owner of the company through my friends. The result of cooperation exceeded all expectations. Online consultation was provided in detail, assistance in paperwork, resolving any issues with the developer and even with further repairs.
Each step is well-written, where you can be sure that planned budget for the purchase will be the same as the actual cost after registration.
This is the case when the client will definitely find the option for the budget that is available to him.”

Alina, Ukraine, Odessa

“I got into the agency and directly to the owner of the company through my friends. The result of cooperation exceeded all expectations. Online consultation was provided in detail, assistance in paperwork, resolving any issues with the developer and even with further repairs.Each step is well-written, where you can be sure that planned budget for the purchase will be the same as the actual cost after registration.This is the case when the client will definitely find the option for the budget that is available to him.”